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Hi, me, I''m Vallerius from the Super Duper rock band. There are four of us in the band: Me, Alex, Edward, Yury. We all are members of one family this is why we all bear the same family name Sarkissian. We live in Moscow and consider it to be the best spot on Earth for doing things like putting up a band and we are now in the process of playing live concert gigs in local clubs. The best of them, I think, is the well-known R-club, it''s more like a Rock-Cafe the one they have in Amsterdam. We''re totally into something they call rock, which is to me something all-embracing, enabling us to deal with any style in music due to its extraordinary flexibility and fulness of sound. You just can''t be a musical fan without catering to that sort of things, ''cos want it or not, it''s becomes the most progressive form of musical expression, that makes you plunge into that formidable hoax of music, making you feel things that no other style is capable to deal with. In fact we are something they call a newbie, but in any case our music is quite sophisticated and prolific in many senses. All you need is just find us on local concert scene and feel free to enjoy what we have to offer you. That''s the more imperative, if you''d bear in mind that no other group is capable to give the stuff that we play. Actually we''re unique in many views. Sure, we''re willing to conquer the world (musically of course), but long before that we have to conquer your heart and soul. Do look for us or just simply contact me for that reason. I lurve lots of bands, but the Fab Four, The Who, Zeps, Bee Gees and the Hanson are the prime-movers from many viewpoints. The latter two just because they''re family bands like we are. That''s it. Kiss you all over. Vallerius

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