Vallerius.This is Super Duper band. Vallerius in Bednye Liudi (Les gents deprives) club Vallerius singing Once There Was a Way Vallerius on Russian TV Vallerius in night-clubbing action Vallerius in R-Club, one of the leading rock venues in Moscow Vallerius, a stunning musician
Our bass guitarist Alex onstage Our bass guitarist Alex onstage in August 04 Our bass guitarist Alex onstage, he''s the best rock vocalist I ever heard live Vallerius doing a solo Our bass guitarist Alex onstage, doing his part live Alex, definitely the best man in our band Live vocalizing is the strongest point in Alex''s capabilities
Alex singing in style We do a live show in R-Club here in Moscow Alex and Vallerius alive and kicking! Alex entertaining the audience Alex playing fabulous bass parts Alex in R-Club venue here in Moscow Stage performing and enjoying it!
Алексей в клубе "Евразия", поет песню Роберта Планта "29 пальм"  Courtesy of Faith Басист Алексей Виноградов, клуб "Евразия" (март 2005г.) Courtesy of Faith клуб  "Евразия" (2005г); Валлериус играет роковое соло. Courtesy of Faith Гитарист Валлериус играет рифф из знаменитой песни группы Stooges.Photo Courtesy of Faith Гитарист Валлериус во время исполнения кавера на песню Д.Боуи Never Let Me Down.Там действительно есть партия губной гармошки :-))).Photo Courtesy of Faith Power Chords в исполнении Валлериуса.Рок жив!Photo Courtesy of Faith Группа "Супер Дупер" в действии.Кстати,эта вечеринка в "Евразии" (весной 2005г) была организована Павлом Потаповым из Moscow Rock City.MRC тогда выступили с акустической программой.Photo Courtesy of Faith
"Супер Дупер" в свете огней "Евразии".Photo Courtesy of Faith Главный по тарелочкам.Барабанщик из "Супер Дупер" готовится к сейшну.Photo Courtesy of Faith Ритм-секция "Супер Дупер":Юрий и Алексей.Photo Courtesy of Faith Группа "Супер Дупер"-Концерт в честь "Битлз".Р-клуб,лето 2004г.

We''re gonna rock this town

No need to say how tricky it gets to put up a band of your own. In fact it''s a tough affair, so many things come into play, so many troubles start to tease you, sometimes you just think, Gosh, I''ll go crazy, I just can''t stand it no more, these crazy arguings, quarrels, accusations, curse, lack of loyalty, unwillingness to act as four-in-one, perpetual doubts, indifference, lack of enthusiasm and scarcity of pay for live performances. But that''s the hoax of life and we just have to face it. Thank God we have now regular live gigs, unpaid but going strong. You know what? If you start getting cash for what you do, it means you do a wrong thing...
Our pic, the larger one
Here are pix shot by Vera Ryndicz, somebody who resembles Linda McCartney in her activity

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