My views on life in general  

Everything you want to achieve goes back to the simple fact that we all live
in a mafia ruled world. Whatever you do it always comes down to the
point of being unable to undertake anything without constantly hitting
your head against the wall of mafia''s control in everything, in every human
domain and sphere of activity. You may
just have pennies if mafia
lets you make a nice profit for the benefit of somebody, who himself is
nobody, but he finds himself in a position
of exercising a full control
over every step you take or envisage.

I found recently that millions of advertised job offers don''t mean a thing
simply because nobody will ever be brave enough to take you on without some
mystical background hustle which is needed to allow to consider you as
somebody who really deserves a nice treatment or something. Hundreds of times
I''ve been refused a job only because I
am somebody from the street, as they put it here, a man from nowhere, who deserves nothing.
All in all we''re living a nowhere land being
nowherefolks altogether.

The only way to survive in this country is to be loved by the
mafia-men, who love only themselves and the ones they see on TV.
The rest of the nation is piece of shit to them, they don''t even consider us
as being humans or something of the kind. There''s no need to pay us the
money for the work we do, there''s no need to care about us, because we don''t
control the natural resources and we are not part of the mafia-folks, who
own everything you''d find in this country and who give a damn about their own
nation, who once did a revolution, but now seems to endure eternally from bad guys
and be obedient for a good measure and for ages.

This is really ridiculous, because we''re dying and going down on a full scale
array due to the simple fact, that we all who live in here are slaves, who''d
tolerate any torment and any mafia, because slaves don''t care, too, about
their fate as well. As humans we''re dying away,
fading out, facing a total fiasco
in everything we do. We''re bound to lose, we''re riding on the verge of disaster.
Pitifully it seems that the US folks, too, are becoming part of this mafia
manipulation thing, abused and dreadfully cheated by their wigs. It''s too
sad, because the whole world depends on how well off is and shall be the USA and
at that turn of things it seems that the hi-brows in America are hitting the
wrong path in world attitudes, confusing very serious matters and subjects in world politics.

And music is a part of this mess and there''s no point that living here in the
heart of Moscow I might face a sweet nvironment. On the contrary it''s all going
down to mafia''s approval or disapproval, and clearly feel how deeply this stupid
local mafia ignores me. Instead I''m its most ardent enemy, we''re clearly
fighting each other and one thing I can say now is: they''ve got the money and
influence but they ain''t got brains. And I''m aware of this, quite clearly.

All I know now, if the following: We have to stay sober and clever in the
sense that no-one will ever do our work for us. It''s us who truly in charge
of everything relating to us. In my case I was only successful in things,
that I knew I had to accomplish, otherwise it''d be a disaster. I became a
brilliant musician, songwriter etc. simply because I did live up to my
personal rules in my life. I had no-one to help me, though this doesn''t mean
there were no nice folks in my life that I met, but it all boils down to my
very personal assessment in things like who I am and where I am going to.
Only that, yes, one needs to be going somewhere, this is very urgent, this
is crucial. To be happy I need to follow my sweet craze that I have in
me. It''s heartbreaking to see people who just do nothing, love nothing and
nobody - all which I consider being dead emotionally while the body as
such may be in good physical shape. But what''s the purpose?

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